Download the data

You can see our assessment of every company’s policy here on this site. You can download the data as a single spreadsheet here.

We have also shared our archive of every company’s public policy as it stood at the time of our audit. You can review all of these and download them here.

All companies were sent the full set of data extracted for their company’s policy, and invited to respond setting out any disagreement they had on any element, by making reference to the text of their publicly accessible policy. Emails were sent to the CEO, Medical Director, and other email accounts for individuals in relevant roles who had previously responded to us on related queries regarding transparency. All responses were read, any disagreements were extracted and reviewed by at least two members of the audit team, and changes were made where appropriate. In total, 7 out of 1806 scored policy elements were revised in light of feedback from companies. If any company has any concerns about our summary of their public policy after publication of the audit then we are also happy to review additional feedback.